Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

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The Himalayan Mountains formed over the course of millions of years where continental collision between the Indo-Australian Plate and Eurasian plate lifted the sea floor and trapped portions of the ancient oceans within these mountain ranges. As these ancient oceans separated and dried up, they left significant brine deposits that became buried within the Earth. Deep within these numerous pockets laid troves of ancient treasures, the origin for Crystal Himalyan Salt Lamps.
  • Material: 100% himalayan crystal salt
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Gross weight:300g-500g
  • Lamps power: 15 watt
  • Lamp body height: 2 inch
  • Lamp body diameter: 2 inch
  • Package size:15 X 15 X 8 cm
  • 1 X Cylinder-shaped Himalayan Salt Night Light
  • 1 X 15 Watt Light Bulb 
     US Plug can work under 100V-120V , EU Plug can work under 200V -240V 
  • For safe use, plug only into exposed wall outlets where this device is ventilated and cannot contact bed covering or other materials
  • If the salt stone begins to sweat or get moist to the touch, unplug from socket, dry off and seek another area to use the lamp
  • Risk of electrical shock. Use in dry location only. Do not plug in if salt is moist or wet. Fire hazard or risk of burn if used improperly
  • Not suitable for high humidity environments, particularly areas without proper AC or ventilation
  • This product is not a toy and is not intended for use by children-for adult use only
  • To insert or remove from socket, grasp the base and not the stone
  • For indoor use only