Supersized USB Pillow Enter Key

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Perfect for those times, when you are super frustrated and just don't want to risk destroying your keyboard!

This Supersized Enter Key was invented by a Japanese worker who accidentally destroyed his keyboard enter key from excessive force when he had a bad day at work.

This key is 6 times larger than the regular enter/return key on your keyboard and contains soft filling inside. Use it as a pillow for your afternoon naps, or smash it as hard as you could without alarming your cubicle mates.

Just plug it into your laptop or computer and it'll be recognized as an "ENTER" or "RETURN" key without requiring any software installation.

Doubles up as a pillow for taking naps on!
Perfect gift for engineers, programmers, or any other computer nerds!
Powered by USB
Simple plug and play device requires no installation of software
Compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS 10.10 and below
Size: 8.3 inches x 4.3 inches x 5.9 inches 8.3inches x 4.3 inches (21cm x 11cm x 15cm)