Child Yarn Knitting Machine

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This Child Yarn Knitting Machine helps you to knit your own scarf, hats, and even a sweater. Your child will have fun using this knitting machine. 

How it works?

Place the machine on a level surface.

Insert first end of yarn into the middle of the machine, and leave remaining yarn behind the table.

Wind the yarn around the colored needle to the left of the yarn, move the needle in place before you start. Turn the handle on the side of the machine clockwise, and start stitching.

Pull the yarn through other side, so the yarn can be knitted.

Continue until the you are finished until you stitched your desired cloth length.


  • Make your own fashionable designs.
  • Stitch in seconds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Weave your favorite things and learn at the same time.